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About the Founder

Vidya Moorthy is a communication strategist and a specialist in cross-cultural training, boundary-crossing tactics, media relations, and inter-personal communication with extensive experience in both the eastern and western worlds. She relocated to India after serving as vice-president of Client Services at Bassett & Bassett, Incorporated, a strategic communication management firm headquartered in Detroit, Michigan. During her time in Detroit, she has worked closely with legislators, lobbyists, reporters, and organizations on both corporate marketing campaigns as well as grassroots public information campaigns.

Dedicated to making a meaningful contribution, she founded Bassett Education India, a Life Skills training solution for students and professionals. Recognizing that effective communication is the key to professional and personal success, she is an expert trainer in psychological skills, emotional skills, non-verbal communication, networking, email etiquette, global sensitivities, media relations, and nuances of different styles of communication across cultures. Her client portfolio included companies of all sizes in India, Europe, and the USA. Her expertise also extends to media relations, international journalism, public relations, and financial investor relations. Furthering her passion, she founded Clural in 2021 upon her move to Austin.

Moorthy has a master’s in Business Administration in Finance from Osmania University as well as a master’s in Public Relations from Michigan State University. She serves on the Advisory Board of the Austin Business Women Association, a Founding Member of the Executive Council Network, member of Texas Women in Business, Network in Action and the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce.