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What we do

Our hearts and minds are fully engaged these specific services:

Businesses, Association and Organizations:

  • Consult to implement data driven efforts to institutionalize the adoption of DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) in every facet of an organization
  • Design and deliver programs in multi-cultural communication to maximize synergies between teams in two or more countries
  • Provide inclusive communication solutions for our clients for their diverse internal and external audiences
  • Design and deliver customized world-class corporate training programs in DEI

University Students:

  • Deliver a campus to corporate transition training programs that enables students to successfully merge with the corporate world
  • Conduct specialized programs for international students to merge with corporate America

The Science

The science behind our magic:

Our practical tips – simple to understand and implement – are based on solid theories in behavioral communication science. Our suggestions are not random – they are grounded in theory and have worked well for our clients globally. Here are a few examples: